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Plaza Patrol Routes

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Plaza Patrol Routes Empty Plaza Patrol Routes

Post by Sean on June 6th 2013, 11:30 pm

The next few images you will see will demonstrate how to patrol, and what areas are restricted due to your clearance level on patrol routes. Make sure to pay attention, disobeying the clearance, can and just might lead to off-world assignments.

Plaza Patrol Routes Rp_industrial17_beta90000_zpsa92c0fb3

Here you see that you'll be stepping out of nexus. You're allowed to go either left, or right, but I'll take you from left to right in this guide.

Plaza Patrol Routes Rp_industrial17_beta90001_zps4f923ef7

When patroling, you want to make sure you follow the path as much as you can. Going straight, then turning to the left, as shown here.

Plaza Patrol Routes Rp_industrial17_beta90002_zps0e38dca2

Plaza Patrol Routes Rp_industrial17_beta90003_zps2ca0c77c

The 'X' shown in the image is to let you know, this is an area of priority. Check behind the fencing area, and make sure there isn't anyone behind it. If there is search them, and refer to the Hand Guide

Plaza Patrol Routes Rp_industrial17_beta90004_zps81dfc11f

Now you'll be heading back towards the plaza zone, keep straight, and be alert. Make sure that all the citizens are in line while doing this patrol. You could even stop and speak to some if you're a lower ranking officer, it really all depends on how you develop your character.

Plaza Patrol Routes Rp_industrial17_beta90006_zps29b9abf5

This is basically the end of your patrol, you could choose to go right, but without proper clearance you can't leave the plaza district.

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