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MPF Codes (Restolen from Sean..)

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MPF Codes (Restolen from Sean..) Empty MPF Codes (Restolen from Sean..)

Post by Drake3323 on June 6th 2013, 1:40 am

10-0: Use caution
10-2: Radio check response code
10-4: Acknowledged
10-6: Busy
10-7: Off-duty status
10-8: In service
10-9: Repeat last message.
10-15: Prisoner in custody
10-16: Pick up prisoner
10-20: Your location?
10-25: Do you have contact with ...?
10-27: Check for warrants.
10-34: Riot/Uprising
10-50: Commencing patrol.
10-51: Commencing clamp
10-60: Unit(s) inbound to POI
10-65: Ready for orders
10-78: Backup
10-97: Arrived at scene
10-99: Injury
10-100: Quick break (bathroom or some ****, a quick (5-10min) 10-7 basically)
10-103: Disturbance
10-103M: Mentally disturbed person
10-107: Suspect / Suspicious person
10-108: Officer down
11-6: Illegal discharge of firearms
11-44: Corpse disposal team
11-98: Meet officer
11-99: Officer needs assistance/backup

ADW: Assault with a deadly weapon
BOL: Be on the lookout
CEP: Checkpoint
CP: Command post (usually the highest ranking unit online)
DB: Dead-body
HAP: Hardpoint
UTL: Unable-to-locate
OID: Officer in distress
POI: Point of interest

(Code 6: Tresspassing on private property (a store, apartment, etc.)
Code 7: Robbery
Code 17f: Fugitive, non-citizen
Code 21: Complaint
Code 27: Attempted crime
Code 28: Inciting a felony
Code 29: Death
Code 30: Homicide
Code 30S: Homicide by shooting
Code 34S: Shooting
Code 51B: Bomb threat
Code 52E: Explosives
Code 70: Possession of combine technology
Code 94: Illegal discharge of a weapon
Code 95: Illegal carrying of a weapon
Code 100: Sociostable
Code 148: Resisting detainment
Code 187: Homicide
Code 243: Person of interest in investigation
Code 404: Trespass
Code 423: Status evader
Code 505: Evading prosecution
Code 603: Unlawful entry
Code 647A: Vagrant loitering in a public place
Code 647E: (Anti-citizen) - Advanced codes.


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