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How to act by rank.

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How to act by rank. Empty How to act by rank.

Post by Sean on June 5th 2013, 7:42 pm

RCT - You're fresh off the streets and you're still pretty scrawny and scared, you have all of your emotions intact, and you barely know what you're doing.

05 - You've been excercising and eating more, and you're filling out your body and getting in shape. You're pretty terrified of High Ranking Officers, but you're still making friends among the grunts. Beating a citizen still seems very inhumane, and killing one is out of the question.

04 - You're in good shape now and you're getting better at handling a gun properly. You're feeling less and less sympathy for citizens and you're still a little hesitant to beat a citizen, but you'll do it if necessary. Killing is still out of the question. You still fear your superiors greatly.

03 - You're good at shooting a gun and you no longer care about citizens much, if at all. You will beat a citizen without flinching, and you'll probably kill one if you have to. You've still got emotion and you might feel bad about it, but you're more focused on work. You're much less scared of your superiors as you start to get to know them better.

02 - Your muscles are coming in and you sometimes enjoy beating up citizens. You barely remember who you were before the Combine Civil Authority took you in, and you've only got a few emotions left. You sometimes even crave action, you want to get out there and shoot something. You sometimes hang out with your superiors, but they still see you as lesser.

01 - You're proud to be a command unit - you're now pretty close with the High Ranking Officers. You spend your free time picking on citizens with your friends and laughing it off. You won't even flinch when you smack a citizen around a few times with your baton, it's just work to you. Killing a citizen is like killing a fly.

OfC - You don't fear a thing anymore. You get along with your superiors better than ever now that you truly are a High Ranking Officer. You still follow their orders without question, but they're the type of guys you'd like to go out and get a few drinks with. Beating a citizen is a chore now - you'll have some underling do that for you. You want to participate in amputations sometimes, and you may even want to just watch. The only emotions you feel anymore are anger, annoyance, and very rarely joy - which you'll probably only feel when crushing some back-talking citizen.

EgU - You're kind of drifting away from others, and spending less time with other units for recreation. You're now much more focused on getting out there and finishing the job. You're very loyal to the Union and you'll participate in any mission if possible. You won't even turn when a citizen calls out to you for help, you just don't give a damn about them.

EpU - Your loyalty is to your division, your DvL, and your SeC. You don't care about making friends anymore, it's just another distraction from work. The CCA is your life now. You don't feel any emotion anymore, just constant apathy. Patrolling and beating citizens, sometimes even amputations, are just boring to you now. You prefer to torture and watch your enemy scream in agony. No remorse.

Head of Medical/Motor Core/Detainment - You've given up the option to go on regular patrols. You are one-hundred percent devoted to your division and you're very close with the Divisional Leader. You may have been friends with him for a while, and at this point he might be your only friend. You trust his word sometimes more than you trust the SeC's word. Torturing, beating, amputating, you don't care about any of that. You care more about keeping your men in line and making sure they do their jobs right. You don't feel the anger and desire to fight that you once did. You may sometimes even be a little bit nice to others, but only to make them stop complaining.

DvL - You've got lots of work to handle. Lots. You barely ever patrol, you're always busy with something. You don't have time to watch over your division, so you leave that with the Head of the division. You'll worry about training the lowest ranks of your division and handling any conflicts going on within it. All you want is complete order and work excellence in your division. You can't believe you've made it this far. You'll have conversations with the Sectorial and the Commander more than you ever have before.

CmD - All you ever see is units screwing up - you want that to end. You're very focused on keeping divisions in line and making sure nobody screws up on the job. You may help train new recruits and beat them up for making mistakes. You take direct orders from the Sectorial and carry them out without question.

SeC - All that matters anymore is that everything goes according to plan. If something gets in the way, have some units take care of it. Rebels? Call in Overwatch. Unit talks back to you or makes too many mistakes? Beat him to a pulp until he gets it right. This is your city, you've got a ton of work to handle but you've got everything under control. You'll sometimes make appearances during recruit training sessions to make sure they're scared into getting through training without slacking. The only people you truely trust are your CmD and your DvLs.

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