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Civil Infractions and Punishments

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Civil Infractions and Punishments

Post by DeadJoka on June 5th 2013, 8:54 pm

Civil Infractions and Punishments.

All officers of the JURY Division must follow these procedures in the process of civil punishment and detainment.

Class 3
-Uncivilized Behavior - 1pt
-Standing on improper areas
  -Digging in trash
-Littering - 2pt
  -Placing trash anywhere but trashcan.
- Audio-violation - 3pt
  -Swearing "Shit, Fuck, Fucking, Shitting, Ass, Damn, Bitch, Cunt, Faggot", etc.
- Excessive Loitering - 3pt
Class 2
-Unit Disrespect - 4pt
  -Audio-violation against unit.
  -Deliberate bumping into and or pushing unit.
-Propaganda - 4pt
  -Distribution or spreading of anti-union material
  -Anti-union speech
  -Anti-socio-stability speech or material
-Civil Inactivity - 4pt
  -Neglecting to report a crime after witnessing it
-Theft - 5pt
-Citizen Harassment - 5pt
  -Harassment of Citizen
  -Causing Harm then becomes 7pt infraction.
-Civil Disobedience - 5pt
  -Refusing order given in non-violent manner.
-Trespassing - 6pt
  - Trespassing on Union property without proper authentication.
  - Trespassing on restricted property.
Class 1
-Accessing District 12 - 8pt
-Contraband Material
  -Alcohol - 4pt
  -Non-Union issued food - 4pt
  -Radio - 5pt
  -Non-Union Issued Medical Equipment - 6pt
  -Non-Union Issued Books - 4pt
  -Zip Ties - 6pt
  -Anti-civil Clothing - 8pt
  -Hand-gun - 8pt
  -Rifle/SMG - 12pt
  -Ammo - 12pt
  -Grenades - 12pt

1pt Verdict: Light Reeducation
2pt Verdict: Moderate Reeducation
3pt Verdict: Heavy Reeducation
4pt Verdict: 1 Cycle Detainment+Heavy Reeducation
5pt Verdict: 2 Cycles Detainment+Heavy Reeducation
6pt Verdict: 2 Cycles Detainment+Heavy Reeducation+Revoking of Rations (Rations are revoked from the citizen after pt6)
7pt Verdict: 4 Cycles Detainment+Heavy Reeducation
8pt Verdict+: Revoking of Citizenship and Amputation


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