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Limiting the Overall Power of the Resistance and LolRP.

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Limiting the Overall Power of the Resistance and LolRP.

Post by Enderman on June 13th 2013, 6:15 pm

With having to go to work today, I was not able to stay up late last night. Coming home around an hour ago, I discovered that C18 was completely destroyed. The reason being?

Not a nuke, not an abandonment, not anything somewhat practical.

The 3-day Resistance blew up an entire Nexus. A weak, under-powered Resistance blew up an entire Nexus, causing an entire city to be destroyed practically. 

Does this anger me? Of course it does. Why? Because of the amount of general LolRP we've been seeing just in the past few days, and even though we've tried to fix it by resetting the Resistance and limiting AggressiveRP, this happens. 

So because of this, my entire MPF units (Yes, that means everyone on the MPF whitelist is getting fucked sideways) are being fucked over, and everyone else is remaining the same with no negative consequence. All because of a LolRP event that had no practicality. 

Conversation with Drake:

  1. 3:22 PM - Enderman: So uh...

  2. 3:22 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: ?

  3. 3:22 PM - Enderman: I heard last night blew everything up.

  4. 3:22 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: ...

  5. 3:22 PM - Enderman: Literally.

  6. 3:22 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: It was all horrible.

  7. 3:22 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: I was there.

  8. 3:22 PM - Enderman: What makes me mad is the lack of passive.

  9. 3:22 PM - Enderman: All the time.

  10. 3:22 PM - Enderman: Something happens.

  11. 3:23 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: The OTA team (Two OTA Elites for some reason) went kaput

  12. 3:23 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: While three striders (For some reason) were spawned.

  13. 3:23 PM - Enderman: If everything gets reset because of a bullshit reason, I'm out.

  14. 3:23 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: While a shit-ton of OTA NPCs.

  15. 3:23 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: ^

  16. 3:24 PM - Enderman: In reality.

  17. 3:24 PM - Enderman: That would never have happened.

  18. 3:24 PM - Enderman: Ever.

  19. 3:24 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: ^

  20. 3:25 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: Unless Gordon Freeman showed up.

  21. 3:25 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: But HL2RP takes place before the Uprising.

  22. 3:25 PM - Enderman: And it took him forever, too, with advanced tech.

  23. 3:25 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: It only took him three days to fuck the Citadel, Hue.

  24. 3:25 PM - Enderman: With teleportation.

  25. 3:25 PM - Enderman: And provided weapons.

  26. 3:25 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: ^

  27. 3:25 PM - Enderman: And a HEV suit.

  28. 3:25 PM - Enderman: And Gman's assistance.

  29. 3:25 PM - Enderman: And luck.

  30. 3:26 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: GMan didn't help.

  31. 3:26 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: At all.

  32. 3:26 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: He only made the story eery xD

  33. 3:26 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: Eerie*

  34. 3:26 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: W/e

  35. 3:26 PM - Enderman: Assisted him in the escape of Xen and the Citadel, sure

  36. 3:26 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: You mean he passed out, and DOG came to the fucking rescue?

  37. 3:26 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: My favorite characters in all the Half-Lifes.

  38. 3:26 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: #1

  39. 3:27 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: Gordon Freeman

  40. 3:27 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: #2

  41. 3:27 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: DOG

  42. 3:27 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: #3

  43. 3:27 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: Vorts

  44. 3:27 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: #4 Gman

  45. 3:27 PM - Enderman: When he was on the Citadel and the core exploded, Gman pulled him and Alyx from the explosion.

  46. 3:27 PM - Enderman: And again, Xen in HL1.

  47. 3:27 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: With his damned alien powers.

  48. 3:27 PM - Enderman: Exactly.

  49. 3:27 PM - Enderman: So Gordon Freeman had that much helping him.

  50. 3:27 PM - Enderman: When the Rebellion was becoming OP, too.

  51. 3:27 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: Still he took down the Citadel in three days.

  52. 3:28 PM - Enderman: >gordon freeman

  53. 3:28 PM - Enderman: >Resistance not him

  54. 3:28 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: ^

  55. 3:30 PM - Enderman: I pray that was all voided.

  56. 3:30 PM - Enderman: Because it sounded like complete bullshit.

  57. 3:30 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: The map was changed to Industrial 17.

  58. 3:30 PM - Enderman: ...

  59. 3:30 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: I know.

  60. 3:30 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: I'd much rather have C45.

  61. 3:30 PM - Enderman: ^^^

  62. 3:31 PM - Enderman: The shit that's being pulled is terrible.

  63. 3:32 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: Yup.

  64. 3:32 PM - Enderman: Wanna know what's funny, too?

  65. 3:32 PM - Enderman: >Let's restart the Resistance

  66. 3:32 PM - Enderman: >Restarts Resistance

  67. 3:32 PM - Enderman: >Nexus gone in 2 days

  68. 3:32 PM - Enderman: >Better than Gordon Freeman

  69. 3:32 PM - Enderman: >shiggydiggy

  70. 3:32 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: Along with over six striders.

  71. 3:32 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: And three helicopters.

  72. 3:32 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: And twenty OTA soldiers.

  73. 3:33 PM - Enderman: The Resistance would be destroyed in a heartbeat.

  74. 3:33 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: ^

  75. 3:33 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: Wait.

  76. 3:33 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: They'd nuke the shit out of the city if a single strider went down.

  77. 3:33 PM - Enderman: >Assuming they can take down a strider

  78. 3:35 PM - Enderman:

  79. 3:35 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: xD

  80. 3:36 PM - Enderman: That's why I like the MPF.

  81. 3:36 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: More realistic.

  82. 3:36 PM - Enderman: Because you passive more than anything else.

  83. 3:36 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: %

  84. 3:36 PM - [T3T-A] Drake3323 ✿IN✿: ^

  85. 3:36 PM - Enderman: Hell, that's why I let my SeC catch on fire.

  86. 3:36 PM - Enderman: To give HELIX shit to do and keep lolfights down.

Conversation with Sean:

4:00 PM - Enderman: I'm not gettin' on for a while.
4:01 PM - Sean: A while as in?
4:01 PM - Sean: Hours Days, months, years?
4:01 PM - Enderman: Really depends.
4:01 PM - Sean: Oon?
4:02 PM - Enderman: NG
4:02 PM - Sean: Explain pl0x.
4:02 PM - Enderman: I've said enough in previous messages.
4:02 PM - Sean: Lol, so you're mad, because I'm changed 4 digits of your name...?
4:02 PM - Enderman: I'm mad because of the damn thing as a whole.
4:03 PM - Enderman: Not of the map change, no, not of the murder of all my units, no, but of how the Resistance, in three days mind you, could achieve such an accomplishment.
4:03 PM - Sean: Talk with puff on it.
4:03 PM - Sean: He wanted to do an event, so I just spawned the NPCs.
4:04 PM - Enderman: But the event was way too far-fetched.
4:04 PM - Enderman: Even you know it.
4:04 PM - Sean: It's his server, I can't control it. All I can do is bitch to him.
4:04 PM - Sean: Why not have you, and drake go complain on the forums?
4:04 PM - Sean: I've told him about getting complaints over HIM
4:04 PM - Sean: 3 TIMES.
4:04 PM - Enderman: I'm on it, going to the forums right now.

What would I like accomplished from this?

I'd like to see people realize how bullcrap this entire event was, and not just the event, but the general RP overall. If a map change is in order, sure, go for it by all means if you wish to mix it up a bit, but don't do something that shows the entire server that it's okay to force crap like this upon an entire server and have only the few suffer consequences.

Thanks for reading my suggestion.

tl;dr- If you don't care to read the entire thing, you might as well just not post nor care about my opinion.

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Post by SirQuake on June 13th 2013, 6:45 pm


Alright, the fuck is this? I had honestly thought this was just some admins and some players fucking around at 2 AM and none of this would carry any actual bearing on our RP. I had basically thought this was going to be a giant void after we were done and had our kicks and giggles.



So you mean to tell me, 6-7 resistance members took down 50-70 OTA, 5-7 Striders, 2-3 Choppers and an entire Nexus? That is the dumbest fucking thing I've heard since North Korea's Missile launch attempts. We had an unlimited ammo RPG that 2 of the members magically pulled out of their asses, admins spawning health and ammo by the fuck-ton, and a bunch of other ridiculous shit. Why in the hell is it even a thought NOT to void this? 

mfw this whole situation


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Re: Limiting the Overall Power of the Resistance and LolRP.

Post by Admrive on June 13th 2013, 7:50 pm

lel I wasnt on either and when Sean told me about it he made it seem like the most epic thing in the whole world of minecraft, hue.


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Re: Limiting the Overall Power of the Resistance and LolRP.

Post by pigeons on June 13th 2013, 11:22 pm

I was told of this last night but had no idea just how bad it was.
And all the units are ICly killed? What the fuck is up with that? We have a discussion with every admin about balancing the server just to kill every MPF unit two days later. I demand a refund.


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Re: Limiting the Overall Power of the Resistance and LolRP.

Post by Enderman on June 13th 2013, 11:25 pm

Just talked it over with Puff a bit ago. As for the IC MPF being killed off, I don't think it is going to happen. Shit'll get settled soon.

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Re: Limiting the Overall Power of the Resistance and LolRP.

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