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Our Server Rule List

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Our Server Rule List

Post by Sean on June 7th 2013, 5:57 pm

General Rules and Obligations.

1.) Under no circumstances are you to take matters into your own hands.
1b.) If a minge, or troll is on, do NOT try to resolve it. If no administrator is present, screen shot it, get their steam ID, and we'll handle it.
1c.) Taking matters into your own hands will cause yourself a punishment just as well as the said person.

2.) Do not LolGrab or MingeGrab. Roleplay Assistant

3.) Don't punchwhore.

4.) Don't mingerun.

5.) Don't micspam
5b.) Don't use your mic regardless of what you're doing.

6.) No metagaming

7.) No powergaming

8.) Play-To-Lose
8b.) This rule can be voided if both parties agree to /roll

9.) Act Mature
9b.) If you don't know what you're doing, don't just go, "LOL Time to troll gais!" just ask for help.

10.) Don't use void
10b.) We mess up, that's understandable but don't say "/me shoots dude in face" "[LOOC]: LOL VOID"

11.) FearRP
11b.) Your character isn't above everyone, make him fear things.

Shoot to Miss/Hit/Kill Rules

1.) Always S2M. It makes everything more enjoyable.
1b.) Open Areas
1c.) Behind doors
1d.) When aiming up a building
1e.) When aiming down a building

2.) When S2H you /me more of your actions, so instead of just popping out to hit, try to /me some stuff before it.
2b.) Hallways
2c.) Narrow rooms
2d.) When in bad cover

3.) Now S2K is a lot different. /Me's are required pre-shooting, so make sure you /me all your shots.
3b.) Stuffy rooms
3c.) Close Ranges (One truck away.)
3d.) When no cover is available

Administration Rules.

This'll have to be filled in when Puff creates rules.

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