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Post by Sean on June 7th 2013, 5:29 pm

OOC - OOC stands for Out of Character. Everyone can hear it, and it is not IC. Use // to talk OOC.

LOOC - LOOC is OOC but Local. It stands for Local Out Of Character, and it is not IC.
You can explain, ask anything here to people who are nearby. Use .// to talk LOOC.

IC - IC stands for In-Character. It means the character you're role-playing as. It is not OOC.

Tab Menu - Tab Menu brings up your Inventory, Scoreboard, Directory, Settings and
other things. This is a helpful tool if you wanted to learn things in Directory, find
your items in Inventory and see the players in the Scoreboard.

Performing An Action - To perform an action, use: /me. /me lets you perform an action
by doing /me and then your action. When fighting or doing something with other
players, use attempts as a keyword.

Example: /me jumps.
Example: /me attempts to punch you in the face. (He would react to you.)
Example: /me attempts to do a flip.
Example: /me attempts to run. (He would react)

Example: ** Travis Pierce hit's the man in the gut
** Jakov Alshavik drops to his knees from the blow to his stomach

F1 - F1 Brings up your basic information regarding your name, CID, amount of tokens and emotes.

Example: F1<Emote<Sit.
Example: F1<Emote<Sitwall.

F2 - F2 lets you recognize people from a set distance. After telling someone your
name, use F2 to let them recognize them.You press F2 then you click either yelling,
talking or whispering range.

Example: My name is Bob. (He then F2s the person he's talking to.)
Example: My nickname is Katana. (He then F2s the person he's talking to.)

F3 - Makes you tie/untie someone. Only if you have a Zip-Tie in your Inventory.

Example: /me attempts to tie the man. *The man doesn't resist*. You'd then press F3.
Example: /me cuts his zip-tie. (You'd then press E on the person).

F4 - Searches tied people. Does NOT untie people.

Example: /me pats the man down. (F4)

Speaking Properly - In order to play this RP, you need to know how to use good grammar, full stops, punctuation and capitals.

Example: Hello, I am (Name).
Example: .// This is LOOC, which is Local-Out-Of-Character.
Example: I can type like this, which makes Admins happy.
Example: What's up?

Getting A Profession - Well, people ask how to get a job, career or profession, but in fact, you can't really get one, unless you either apply for CWU, or try to make your own business. Some General Goods Stores also hire people, so you could join them, but you'd probably have to be an experienced player, and know how to handle items well.

Physical Description - Your physical description is what your character looks like. This involves: hair color/style, eye color, height, fitness, cardio, skin color, ethnicity, hunger, looks, age and clothing. Use /charphysdesc to change your physical description. (Or go to F1 and click Description).

Example: Caucasian | 5"10 | Short Blond Wavy Hair | Blue Eyes | Malnourished | C18 Jumpsuit |.
Example: Asian | 5"9 | Short Dark Brown Straight Hair | Dark Brown Eyes | Very Malnourished | C18 Jumpsuit |.
Example: /charphysdesc
Example: Hispanic | 5"11 | Long Light Brown Curly Hair | Hazel Eyes | Wrinkly | Extremely Malnourished | Weak | Tired | Depressed | C18 Jumpsuit |

Void - Void makes it so you nullify the last thing you did/said. Try NOT to Troll around.

Example: I love big cuddly pandas! .// Void.
Example: /me kills you (VOID).
Example: HEGHRWDFHGEWBGF .// Void.

FearRP - FearRP is to act scared when something startling, scary or creepy happens.
This involves stuttering, jumping, screaming, gasping, widening of eyes and the
occasional urination of the pants.

Example: W-w-what d-d-o y-you w-want?
Example: /me screams, and jumps back.
Example: /me gasps.

PainRP - PainRP is to act injured or hurt when something painful, hurtful or injuring
happens to you. This invovles falling over from being shot, stabbed or hurt in the
leg. And a lot of grunting, screaming and the occasional crying.

Example: GAAAAH!
Example: /me bites down on his tongue, so hard it bleeds, and screams in pain.
Example: /me cries out in pain.

Combine - Combine are an Alien race that you never see. They are not CPs, so don't
get mixed up.

CPs - CPs are humans who have decided to become "cop-like" Metro-Police-Force Units.
They are strict, and beat people.

Vortigaunts - Vortigaunts are an Alien race that is vastly different and slightly
humanoid. It features brown-ish skin, large eye in center of face, followed by small
eyes dotted around it, large fangs, three hands and they're tall. They were enslaved
by the Combine and the CP boss them around now.

Citizens - It's the people that make up the Cities. They're all different, but so are
humans, in real life. Except they're starving, weak and malnourished.

Bannable Offenses:

Powergaming - Powergaming is to force actions unto other Players, or do impossible actions given your Body/Condition/Species.

Example: /me kills you.
Example: /me blows up the world.
Example: /me punches you.
Example: /me grabs your gun, and shoots you.

METAgaming - To use IC information OOC, vice versa. This means to gain information from an OOC source, and take it IC.

Example: // Where are you?
Example: // Go to (Area).
Example: // Our Radio Frequency is (Number).
Example: // I have a (Item).
Example: // There is a gun (Area).

MingeRun (LolRun) - To run away from people when they're trying to RP with you, or to run to someone just to get their faster. It's MingeRun if you run in Plaza, or near it.

MingeGrab - To pick up something without attempting to pick it up, or take it. This involves just picking up objects that are useless.

LolCrowd - To crowd around CP, when they're patrolling or doing something. This is a lack of FearRP. Also, don't crowd around special characters, like Vortigaunts.

Punchwhore - To randomly punch people, and do it in a non-RP manner, and hurt them OOCly. You will probably be PermaBanned if you do this. Don't raise your fists, either.

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